PromaCare H-PGA / Polyglutamic acid

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Due to its unique molecule structure, PromaCare H-PGA can absorb and retain skin moisture efficiently and form a silky film on the surface of skin. It can effectively prevent the skin from long-time drying condition, especially in air-conditioned rooms or in cold dry winte. PromaCare H-PGA enhances skin smoothness, reduces wrinkles and improves elasticity of skin. Moisture effect is better than sodium hyaluronate and collagen,can moisten skin for a long time,enhance skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Generally applied to cosmetics with wrinkle-removal, sun protection and moisturizing effect.

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Trade Name PromaCare H-PGA
CAS No. 25513-46-6
INCI Name Polyglutamic acid
Chemical Structure
Appearance White to off-white powder
Molecular weight 700000 min
Solubility Water soluble
Application Toner, moisture lotion,Serums,mask,facial cleanser
Package 500g net per bag/ 10kgs net per carton
Shelf life 2 years
Storage Keep container tightly closed and in a cool place. Keep away from heat.
Dosage 1‰-1%


First recognized in Japanese food “Natto”, gamma-polyglutamic acid is a natural multifunctional biopolymer produced with Bacillus Subtilis by fermentation. PromaCare-PGA is a water soluble homo-polyamide. It consists of D-and L-glutamic acid monomers which are connected by amide linkages between α-amino and y-carboxyl groups. Freda has two series of cosmetics grade PromaCare-PGA products – the high molecule PromaCare H- PGA (700-1000 k Da) and the low molecule PromaCare L- PGA (70-100 k Da).

Large number of carboxyl groups along the molecule chain of PromaCare-PGA can form hydrogen bonding in a molecule or between different molecules. Thus it has high water absorbability and moisture-retaining capability. Thanks to its unique properties, PromaCare-PGA can be used as thickener, filmogen, humcctant, retarder, cosolvent, binder and anti-freezer, therefore the application prospect of PromaCare-PGA is promising.

With strong moisturizing ability, the side chain of PromaCare PGA can enhance the moisturizing capability of skin without breaking moisture balance of skin. When integrated into skin-care products, PromaCare-PGA can trengthen the moisturizing ability of skin and prevent skin from drying.
Hyaluronic Acid (PromaCare-SH) is a component of skin structure, which can keep the skin moisturizer and elasticity. But it is hydrolyzed quickly by hyaluronidase in skin.
PromaCare-PGA can maintain and increase the content of PromaCare-SH. PromaCare-PGA inhibits the activity of hyaluronidase effectively and improves the stability of PromaCare-SH. PromaCare L-PGA especially has better effect on inhibiting of hyaluronidase in skin. The content of PromaCare-SH in the skin increases remarkable along with the adding of PromaCare L-PGA. PromaCare-PGA and PromaCare-SH synergy improves the moisture, elasticity and appearance of skin.

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