Environmental, Social and Governance

Devoted and Sustainable

Responsibility for people, society and environment

Today ‘corporate social responsibility’ is the hottest topic around the world. Since the founding of the company in 2005, for Uniproma, the responsibility for people and the environment has played a most important role, which was a great concern for the founder of our company.

Every Individual Counts

Our responsibility to employees

Secure jobs/Life-long Learning/Family and Career/Healthy and fit right up to retirement. At Uniproma, we place a special value on people. Our employees are what makes us be a strong company, we treat each other respectfully, appreciatively, and with patience. Our distinct customer sfocus and the growth of our company are only made possible on this basis.

Every Individual Counts

Our responsibility to the environment

Energy-saving products/Environmental Packing materials/Efficient Transportation.
For us, protecting natural living conditions as possible as we can. Here we want to make a contribution to the environment with our products.

Social Responsibility


Uniproma has a social management system implemented to ensure compliance with the national and international legislation requirements and to produce continuous improvement of activities related to responsible performance. The company preserves the total transparency of its activities with employees. Expand to suppliers and third partners its social concern, through a selection and monitoring process that considers their social activities.