PromaCare-ALT / Allantoin

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As a substance with healing or prophylactic activity in pharmacology and dermatology, PromaCare-ALT is an outstandingly useful additive for a range of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. It may be present in such formulations as the only active ingredient. Soothes and moisturizes skin. Anti-inflammation. Perfect for skin care and hair care products.

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Trade name PromaCare-ALT
CAS No. 97-59-6
INCI Name Allantoin
Chemical Structure  
Application Toner, moisture lotion, Serums,mask,facial cleanser
Package 25kgs net fiber drum
Appearance White crystalline powder
Assay 98.5-101.0%
Solubility Water soluble
Function Moisturizing agents
Shelf life 3 years
Storage Keep container tightly closed and in a cool place. Keep away from heat.
Dosage 0.1-0.5%


Allantoin belongs to imidazole heterocyclic compound, which is a compound of blood uric acid, and belongs to the existing components of the body skin. In 1912, mocllster obtained allantoin from the underground stems of lithospermaceae green plants.

In skin care products, the role of allantoin

1. Skin care repair function

Allantoin has a very good skin care effect, especially for dry and unsmooth skin, which can make it smooth and moist. In addition, it can improve the water absorption of the skin and hair, improve the hydrophilic power generation of keratin molecular structure, make the damaged cuticle thin enough to repair, and repair its natural water absorption.

2. Moisturizing effect

Allantoin promotes the skin and hair most surface water absorption, reduce the skin moisture volatilization, but also can produce a layer of moisturizing film on the skin surface, closed water, and then achieve the effect of skin moisturizing and hydrating.

3. Softening cuticle effect
Allantoin has unique keratinolytic properties, so it has the effect of softening keratin. Besides breaking away from the metabolism waste cuticle, it fills the space of body cells with water, making the skin lustrous and glossy.

4. Anti-infection and its antioxidant effect
Allantoin is a kind of amphoteric compound that fuses a variety of substances to produce double salts. It has the functions of shading, sterilization, anti-corrosion, pain relief and antioxidant. It is widely used as a preservative for freckle cream, acne lotion, pet shampoo, soap, whitening toothpaste, shaving lotion, hair care agent, astringency, anti perspiration and deodorization lotion, etc.

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