Uni-NUCA / Nucleating agent

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Uni-NUCA is the fifth generation nucleating agent which creates unlimited functional clear materials. NUCA has a superior advantage of haze decrease. In the same haze values(according to the standard of industry), the amount of NUCA is less 20% than the other nucleating agents. And creating crystal blue visual feeling.

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Trade name Uni-NUCA
CAS 2166018-74-0
Product Name Nucleating agent
Appearance White powder with light blue color
The content of effective substance 99.9% min
Application Plastic products
Shelf life 2 years
Storage Keep container tightly closed and in a cool place. Keep away from heat.


Since the invention of plastics by American Baekeland one hundred years ago, plastics have rapidly spread all over the world with its huge advantages, greatly facilitating people’s lives. Today, plastic products have become the necessities of daily life, and the consumption of plastic products, especially transparent plastic products, is growing rapidly year by year.

Transparent nucleating agent is a special sub group of nucleating agent, which has the aggregation property of self polymerization of physical itself, and can be dissolved in melt polypropylene to form homogeneous solution. When the polymer is cooled, the transparent agent crystallizes and forms a fiber-like network, which is distributed evenly and less than the wavelength of visible light. As a heterogeneous crystal core, the nucleation density of polypropylene is increased, and the uniform and refined spherulite is formed, which reduces the refraction and scattering of light and increases the transparency.

Uni-NUCA has a superior advantage of haze decrease. In the same haze values (according to the standard of industry), the amount of Uni-NUCA is less 20% than the other nucleating agents! Anc creating crystal blue visual feeling.

Compare with other nucleating agents, the mechanical properties of PP products were improved obviously by the adding Uni-NUCA.

Compare with otheragents, Uni-NUCA has cost effective advantages:

Cost saving — the use of Uni-NUCA will save 20% ofthe cost of additives with the same result of haze value.
Lower temperature processing — the meltinq point of Uni-NUCA close to PP and easy melt blending.
Energy efficient – save 20% energy consumption by adding Uni-NUCA in the PP products.
Beautiull–Uni-NUCA enhances the appearance of Polypropylene products and creating crystal blue visual effectives.

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