Uni-Carbomer 980 / Carbomer

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Uni-Carbomer 980 is a cross-linked polyacrylate polymer, polymerized in co-solvent system of ethyl acetate and cyclohexane. It is used as a high-efficient rheology modifier, capable of providing high viscosity, excellent thickening and suspending performance with low-dosage. It is also widely used in O/W lotions and creams as a favorable suspending agent. When neutralized by alkali it forms sparkling clear water or hydroalcoholic gels and creams.

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Trade name Uni-Carbomer 980
CAS No. 9003-01-04
INCI Name Carbomer
Chemical Structure
Application Lotion / cream, Hair styling gel, Shampoo, Body wash
Package 20kgs net per cardboard box with PE lining
Appearance White fluffy powder
Viscosity (20r/min, 25°C) 15,000-30,000mpa.s (0.2% water solution)
Viscosity (20r/min, 25°C) 40,000- 60,000mpa.s (0.2% water solution)
Solubility Water soluble
Function Thickening agents
Shelf life 2 years
Storage Keep container tightly closed and in a cool place. Keep away from heat.
Dosage 0.2-1.0%


Carbomer is an important thickener. It is a high polymer crosslinked by acrylic acid or acrylate and allyl ether. Its components include polyacrylic acid (homopolymer) and acrylic acid / C10-30 alkyl acrylate (copolymer). As a water-soluble rheological modifier, it has high thickening and suspension properties, and is widely used in coatings, textiles, pharmaceuticals, construction, detergents and cosmetics.

Uni-Carbomer 980 is a crosslinked polyacylate polymer with strong moisturizing ability, acting as high-efficient & low-dosage thickener and suspending agent. It can be neutralized by alkali to form clear gel. Once its carboxyl group is neutralized, molecule chain expands extremely and viscidity comes up, due to mutually exclusion of negative charge. It can enhance yield value and rheology of liquid substances, thus it is easy to get insoluble ingredients(granual, oil drop) suspended at low dosage. It is widely used in O/W lotion and cream as favorable suspending agent.

High-efficient thickening, suspending and stabilizing ability at low dosage.
Outstanding short flow (non-drip) property.
High clarity.
Resist temperature effect to viscosity.

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