• Trade Name
    • Product Name
    • CAS No.
    • Property
    • Promollient-AL PEG-75

      PEG-75 Lanolin 61790-81 Waxy flakes View Models
    • PromaCare-Beeswax

      Cera Alba N/A Yellowish to whitish particle View Models
    • Promollient-AL (USP23)

      Anhydrous Lanolin 8006-54-0 Light or dark yellow soft ointment View Models
    • Promollient-LA (cosmetic grade)

      Lanolin Alcohol 8027-33-6 Yellowish waxy solid View Models
    • Smartsurfa-CPK

      Potassium Cetyl Phosphate 19035-79-1 White to off-white powder or flake View Models