Sunsafe-T101ATS1 / Titanium dioxide (and) Aluminium hydroxide (and) Stearic acid

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A UVA and UVB inorganic filter.
It is a inorganic UV Filter with excellent transparency, smoothness, soft feeling compared to TiO2 when used in cosmetics. Coated with Aluminium hydroxide and Stearic acid. Having excellent dispersibility. Efficiently blocks UV and improves PA and SPF. High transparency;Non-irritant to skin.

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Trade name Sunsafe-T101ATS1
CAS No. 13463-67-7;21645-51-2;57-11-4
INCI Name Titanium dioxide (and) Aluminium hydroxide (and) Stearic acid
Application Sunscreen spray, sunscreen cream, sunscreen stick
Package 16.5kgs net per fiber drum with plastic liner or custom packaging
Appearance White powder solid
TiO2 content 83.0%
Particle size 20nm
Solubility Hydrophobic
Function UV A+B filter
Shelf life 2 years
Storage Keep container tightly closed and in a cool place. Keep away from heat.
Dosage 2-15%


Sunsafe-T microfine titanium dioxide blocks UV rays by scattering, reflecting, and chemically absorbing the incoming radiation. It can successfully scatter UVA and UVB radiation from 290 nm up to around 370 nm while allowing longer wavelengths (visible) to pass through.

Sunsafe-T microfine titanium dioxide offers formulators a great deal of flexibility. It is a highly stable ingredient that does not degrade, and it provides synergy with organic filters and compatibility with stearates and iron oxides. It is transparent, gentle and provides a non-greasy, non-oily feel that consumers want in sun care and skin care products.

(1) Daily Care

Protection against harmful UVB radiation

Protection against UVA radiation which has been shown to increase premature skin-aging, including wrinkles and loss of elasticity Allows transparent and elegant daily care formulations

(2) Color Cosmetics

Protection against broad-spectrum UV radiation without compromising cosmetic elegance

Provides excellent transparency, and thus does not effect the color shade

(3) SPF Booster (all applications)

Small amount of Sunsafe-T is sufficient to boost the overall efficacy of sun protection products

Sunsafe-T increases the optical path length and thus enhances efficiency of organic absorbers – the total percentage of  sunscreen can be reduced

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