Sunsafe-OMC / Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate

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A UVB filter. Sunsafe-OMC is a highly effective UVB absorber with a specific extinction (E 1% / 1cm) of min. 830 at 308nm in Methanol and has additional absorption in the short-wave UVA spectrum. Suitable for water-resistant sun care cosmetics. Good solvent for powder sunscreens. Achieves high SPF when used with other UVB filters.

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Trade name Sunsafe-OMC
CAS No. 5466-77-3
INCI Name Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate
Chemical Structure  
Application Sunscreen spray, sunscreen cream, sunscreen stick
Package 200kgs net per drum
Appearance Colorless or light yellow liquid
Assay 95.0 – 105.0%
Solubility Oil soluble
Function UVB filter
Shelf life 2 years
Storage Keep container tightly closed and in a cool place. Keep away from heat.
Dosage China:10% max
Japan:20% max
Korea:7.5% max
Asean:10% max
EU:10% max
USA:7.5% max
Australia:10% max
Brazil:10% max
Canada:8.5% max


Sunsafe-OMC is a sunscreen on the market at present. Its absorption wavelength is between 290-320nm. It is widely used all over the world and has relatively low skin irritation. It is a penetration enhancer and is easily absorbed by the skin. Sunsafe-OMC is a highly effective UVB absorber with a specific extinction (E 1% / 1cm) of min. 830 at 308nm in Methanol and has additional absorption in the short-wave UVA spectrum

(1)  The UVB absorber is oil soluble and virtually odorless

(2)  Suitable for a wide variety of cosmetic applications

(3)  Sunsafe-OMC remains a liquid at temperatures as low as -10℃

(4)  Sunsafe-OMC can boost the SPF when used in combination with other UV filters

(5)  Sunsafe-OMC is ideal for the formulation of water-resistant sunscreen products

(6)  Sunsafe-OMC is an excellent solubilizer for crystalline UV absorbers

(7)  Approved world-wide. Concentration maximum varies according to local legislation

(8)  Sunsafe-OMC is a safe and effective UVB absorber. Safety and efficacy studies are available on request

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