Sunsafe-BOT / Methylene Bis-Benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol

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A UVA and UVB broad spectrum filter. Sunsafe-BOT is the first UV filter to combine the two worlds of organic filters and microfine inorganic pigments: it is a 50% aqueous dispersion of colorless microfine organic particles, which are less than 200ppm in siza and is dispersible in the water phase of an emulsion. Sunsafe-BOT exhibits the widest UV absorption and delivers triple action: UV absorption due to the intrinsic photostable organic molecule, light scattering and reflection as a result of its microfine structure.

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Trade name Sunsafe-BOT
CAS No. 103597-45-1
INCI Name Methylene Bis-Benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol
Chemical Structure
Application Sunscreen lotion, sunscreen spray, sunscreen cream, sunscreen stick
Package 22kgs net per drum
White viscous suspension
Active substance 48.0 – 52.0%
Solubility Oil soluble; Water soluble
Function UVA+B filter
Shelf life 2 years
Storage Keep container tightly closed and in a cool place. Keep away from heat.
Dosage Japan:10% max
Australia:10% max
EU:10% max


Sunsafe-BOT is the only organic filter available on the market in particular fom. It is a broad-spectrum UV-absorber. The microfine dispersion is compatible with most cosmetic ingredients. As a photostable UV-absorber Sunsafe-BOT increases the photostablility of other UV-absorbers. It can be used in all formulations where UVA protection is necessary. Due to the strong absorbance in the UVA-I Sunsafe-BOT shows strong contribution to the UVA-PF and therefore efficiently helps to fulfill the EC recommendation for UVA protection.

(1)Sunsafe-BOT can be incorporated in sunscreens, but also in day care procucts as well as skin lightening products.

(2)Large coverage of the UV-B and UV-A range Photostable Ease of formulation

(3)Less UV absorber required

(4)Excellent compatibility with cosmetic ingredients and other UV filters Ability to Photostabilize other UV filiters

(5)Synergistic effect with UV-B filters(SPF booster)

The Sunsafe-BOT dispersion can be post-added to emulsions and is therefore suitable for cold process formulations.

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