PromaEssence-SPD (10 micron) / Silk Powder

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Originated from mulberry silk;A high molecular weight silk fibroin protein obtained by crushing specially treated silk; Molecular weight is around 300,000;Ideal for moisturizing and sun blocking. 10 micron of silk powder is suitable for facial powder, foundation cream, toothpaste, soap, pressec powder, liquid foundation.

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Trade name PromaEssence-SPD (10 micron)
CAS No. 9009-99-8
INCI Name Silk Powder
Application Facial powder,foundation cream,toothpaste,soap,pressec powder,liquid foundation
Package 1kg net per foil bag .25kgs net per carton
Appearance White powder
Average diameter(um) 10±2
Solubility Oil soluble
Function Natural extracts
Shelf life 2 years
Storage Keep container tightly closed and in a cool place. Keep away from heat.
Dosage q.s.


(1) There are hydrophilic groups in the silk structure, so PromaEssence-SPD is an excellent natural humidity control factor. A very thin layer of silk powder is attached to the surface of the skin, which can absorb or release water with changes in skin temperature and humidity. This has a certain preventive effect on skin care and prevention and treatment of various skin diseases caused by dampness or dryness.

(2) The crystalline structure of PromaEssence-SPD can reflect part of the ultraviolet rays, and the cavity formed by its spiral structure can absorb part of the ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the silk powder and sunscreen agent can be used in sunscreen products for better sun protection.

(3) PromaEssence-SPD has a unique ability to retain oil, so it is more suitable for oily skin cosmetics.

(4) The structural characteristics of PromaEssence-SPD can help reduce the reflected light. When used in mica powder-based cosmetics, it can reduce the reflected light and make it naturally show vivid and soft colors. Compared with talc and titanium dioxide , PromaEssence-SPD has excellent air permeability, and cosmetics containing PromaEssence-SPD feel smoother after use. Used in pressed powder, high-grade talcum powder, prickly heat powder, toothpaste, etc., it is an ideal nutritional additive.

(5) It has good moisture absorption and air permeability. It can be added to coatings, plastic products, artificial leather, chemical fibers, which can improve the feel and air permeability, and improve the brightening color.

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