PromaCare-Beeswax / Cera Alba

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Used as thickener.emulsifier and humectant in personal care products. Can moisturize, smooth and soften the skin, help the skin maintain moist. Won’t cause any problems like blocking the pores. Giving many positive effects like the function of recovery and performance of preservation to formulations.

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Trade name PromaCare-Beeswax
INCI Name Cera Alba
Application Cream,lipstick,hair oil,eyebrow pencil,eye shadow. lotion
Package 25kgs net per drum
Appearance Yellowish to whitish particle
Saponification value 85-100 (KOH mg/g)
Solubility Oil soluble
Function Emollients
Shelf life 2 years
Storage Keep container tightly closed and in a cool place. Keep away from heat.
Dosage q.s.


Beeswax is usually seen as light yellow, medium yellow or dark brown block or granular, this is due to the presence of pollen, propolis fat-soluble carotenoids or other pigments. After decolorization the beeswax appears pale white. Under normal temperature, beeswax is in solid state and has the smell of beeswax similar to honey and bee pollen. Throughout the year. The melting point varies from 62~67℃, depending on the source and processing method. When 300℃ beeswax into smoke, decomposition into carbon dioxide, acetic acid and other volatile substances.

The outside temperature is low, the original wax contains a lot of debris, showing a special smell. High quality refined beeswax was obtained by removing impurity, decolorization and odor with special process.

Beeswax honey – like aroma, sweet taste flat, chewing delicate and sticky. Insoluble in water, soluble in ether and chloroform. Yellow in color, pure, soft and greasy, honey – like aroma for the best. White beeswax, white block or granular. Quality is pure. The smell is weak, others are the same with yellow wax.


In the cosmetics manufacturing industry, many beauty products contain beeswax, such as bath lotion, lipstick, rouge, etc.

In the candle processing industry, beeswax can be used as the main raw material to produce various types of candles.

In the pharmaceutical industry, beeswax can be used to make dental casting wax, base wax, sticky wax, external dressing, ointment base, pill shell, soft capsule.

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