The New Choice for Sunscreen Innovation

BlossomGuard TiO2 series

In the realm of sun protection, a groundbreaking alternative has emerged, offering a new choice for consumers seeking innovative and safer options. BlossomGuard TiO2 series, a non-nano structured titanium dioxide with a distinctive Calliandra-like structure. This revolutionary product presents a safer alternative to traditional TIO2, striking a delicate balance between safety and transparency.

While titanium dioxide has long been used in sunscreens for its ability to reflect and scatter harmful UV rays, concerns about nano-sized particles have prompted the need for a safer option. BlossomGuard TiO2 series addresses this by providing enhanced safety without compromising on transparency.

Its unique Calliandra-like structure efficiently scatters UV rays, ensuring effective sun protection while maintaining a pleasingly transparent appearance. With BlossomGuard TiO2, users can enjoy a superior sun protection experience that combines advanced science with safety.

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Post time: Mar-04-2024