The guardian of the skin barrier – Ectoin

What is Ectoin?
Ectoin is an amino acid derivative, a multifunctional active ingredient belonging to the extreme enzyme fraction, which prevents and protects against cellular damage, and also provides restorative and regenerative effects for cellular senescence, as well as for transiently stressed and irritated skin.


It protects extreme microorganisms and plants from the lethal and extreme conditions of habitats such as salt lakes, hot springs, ice, deep sea or desert.

What is the origin of Ectoin?
From the extremely hot deserts of Egypt or the “mirror of the sky”, the Uyuni salt marshes in Bolivia.

In these deserts, there are salt lakes with very high salt concentrations. This is almost a sanctuary for life, because not only the temperature is high, but also the salt content is so high that all living creatures, big or small, without the ability to “retain water” would quickly die from the sun, be dried up by the hot air and snarfed to death by the concentrated salt water.

But there is one microbe that can survive here and live happily ever after. The explorers handed this microbe over to the scientists, who in turn found “Ectoin” in this creature.

What are the effects of Ectoin?
(1)Hydration, water locking and moisturizing:
By stabilizing the skin barrier as well as repairing and regulating the skin’s humidity, it reduces the rate of epidermal water loss and increases skin moisture. Ectoin is an important substance to maintain osmotic pressure balance, and its unique molecular structure gives it a strong ability to complex water molecules; one molecule of Ectoin can complex four or five water molecules, which can structure the free water in the cell, reduce the evaporation of water in the skin, and make the skin moisturizing and water holding ability improve continuously.

(2)Isolation and protection:
Ectoin can form a protective shell around cells, enzymes, proteins and other biomolecules, like a “small shield”, which can reduce the infringement of strong ultraviolet rays (which is one of the damages to the skin that we can think of) under the condition of high salinity, so that the damage caused by ultraviolet rays can be prevented. Therefore, the “reactive oxygen species” or “free radicals” caused by UV rays, which could directly attack DNA or proteins, are blocked out. Because of the existence of the protective shell, the skin cells are equivalent to be “armed” up, with a better “resistance”, less likely to be stimulated by external stimulus factors to stimulate, thereby reducing inflammation and damage response.

(3)Repair and regeneration:
Ectoin can enhance the immune protection ability of skin cells, and has outstanding effects on various damages to skin tissues, removal of acne, acne, small defects after mole removal, peeling and redness after skin peeling, as well as skin burns caused by the use of fruit acids and other skin burns, and repair of epidermal damages after grinding, etc. It improves the skin’s thinness, roughness, scars and other undesirable conditions, and restores the skin’s smoothness and luminosity, and is long lasting and selfsustained. Long-lasting and self-sustainable stabilization of the skin barrier.

(4)Protecting the skin barrier:
After continuous and in-depth research by scientists, it was found that this ingredient not only has a strong anti-stress and good repair power, but also proved to be an effective ingredient for repairing the skin barrier. When the skin barrier is damaged, the skin’s absorption capacity is very weak resulting in poor condition. Ectoin builds a strong protective layer of water molecules in the skin, which strengthens and restores cellular functions, stabilizes the skin barrier, and restores and regulates moisture content. It can well help the skin lock in moisture and maintain a favorable environment for cell growth, while at the same time it is also helping to restore the skin barrier and keep the skin healthy and hydrated.

Post time: Apr-03-2024